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By supporting the Alannah & Madeline Foundation today you have truly made a difference in a child’s life across Australia.

For every $20 non-tax deductible contribution, you’ll instantly be registered with our loyalty program and receive:

a) an automatic entry into the major prize draw for the chance to play and win up to $250,000 which takes place on 9 January 2023 ; and
b) a $20 e-voucher which can be redeemed against discounted movie ticket purchases and other products below. (terms and conditions apply)

If you are the lucky winner of our prize draw, you are guaranteed to walk away with $5,000 and have a chance to play and win up to $250,000 in cash or choose a luxury vehicle up to the value of $250,000* from:

  • Mercedes: AMG C63 Coupe Merc;
  • Porsche: Porsche Cayenne; or
  • BMW: BMW M4.

* terms and conditions apply

Once again, thank you for your generosity – it is greatly appreciated and best of luck in the major prize draw which takes place on 9 January 2023 .

We are extending the Major Prize Draw!

Like many others the current pandemic has presented us with challenges including a shortened sales period due to restrictions and lockdowns.

To ensure the community can continue to support The Alannah & Madeline Foundation

and their work via the Support, Save and Win Promotion we have extended the end date of the Major Prize Draw.

PROMOTION ENDS: 31st December 2022. MAJOR PRIZE DRAW: 9th January 2023.

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Hoyts Movie Ticket

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Wallis Movie Voucher

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Support, Save & Win Promotion
Tasmania Customers

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Geelong Customers (VIC Only)

$18.00 RRP

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